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A forum for research software and infrastructure (compute/data) developers on the African continent that aims to share skills and opportunities and improve equity, diversity and inclusion within the global research software and systems engineering (RSSE) space.

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What is research software?

A number of definitions has been used to communicate about research software. To know who this community is for, we need to set the scope for what research software entails.

For this community we will use the definition developed by the FAIR for Research Software working group (FAIR4RS) in 2021.


Research Software includes source code files, algorithms, scripts, computational workflows and executables that were created during the research process or for a research purpose. Software components (e.g., operating systems, libraries, dependencies, packages, scripts, etc.) that are used for research but were not created during or with a clear research intent should be considered software in research and not Research Software. This differentiation may vary between disciplines. The minimal requirement for achieving computational reproducibility is that all the computational components (Research Software, software used in research, documentation and hardware) used during the research are identified, described, and made accessible to the extent that is possible.

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Community Projects

Mapping African research software stakeholders
An initiative to find and connect to research software developers, funders, organisations, and more across the African continent.
Mapping African research software stakeholders
Meet our members
In 2023 we launched the community members’ spotlighting project. An abbreviated article will appear in the monthly newsletter with full text available on the website.
Meet our members

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