Meet The Founders

We aim to build RSSE Africa into a vibrant community, so expect this page to change in the future. For now, let us introduce the founders:

Photo of Peter van Heusden

Peter van Heusden

Research Software Engineer & Bioinformatician


Peter is a bioinformatician at the South African National Bioinformatics Institute (SANBI), where he has worked for many years. Over the years his research focuses have shifted from research systems engineering to scientific workflow systems to his current focus on pathogen genomics and genomic epidemiology. He is also involved in the Galaxy community and PHA4GE.

Photo of Eugene de Beste

Eugene de Beste

High Performance Computing Scientist/Engineer


Eugene is a DevOps/Systems guy working at the CHPC ACE Lab who has a keen interest in high performance computing (HPC) and security. He enjoys innovating and automating things. His M.Sc. (from the South African National Bioinformatics Institute) focussed on secure computing on biological data using cloud, workflows and containers.