A first for research software and systems development in Africa

On 19 May 2023 leaders and funders in the research software and systems space will gather in person for the first time in Cape Town, South Africa to explore opportunities for local organisations and research communities.

“Software has become an essential constituent of research, and research software is starting to be seen as an equal partner of research data in critical international policy documents such as UNESCO and the OECD. However, support and recognition of the importance of research software and the people who develop and maintain it have failed to keep pace with the scale of the use of research software in research.”


The Research Software Indaba will offer stakeholders an opportunity to meet with members from the global Research Software community, Michelle Barker (director of the Research Software Alliance) and Prof Simon Hettrick (deputy director at the UK Software Sustainability Institute) as well as local representatives from astronomy, bioinformatics, earth observation, publich health, high performance computing, language technology and eResearch amongst others.

For more information, please visit the website.